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The prestigious and much sought after Asian Golf Awards programme is now enshrined in its own dedicated web site. This virtual museum in cyberspace is devoted to recognising and honouring the best in the Asia Pacific Golf industry – men and women and clubs that collectively help deliver a world class experience for golf! It is widely regarded as the “Oscars” of the Asian golf club industry. The programme has just finished its 18th year and winners in over 50 award categories were recognized during the staging of the Asian Golf Awards in Da Nang, Vietnam.    
Asia's Best for 2017
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A listing of the crème de la crème of award winners through the years.
Results announced! A show-case of the Best of The Best in Asia for 2017.
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Glitz And Glamour At APGS 2017

The 2017 Asian Golf Awards, the Asia Pacific’s most prestigious award and recognition event for the golf and golf club industry scored another massive hit this year.
The “Oscars” for the industry was staged in the Vietnamese city of Da Nang and it marked the 18th awards presentation in the series.
Featured Clubs
  1. KN Royal Golf Links Cam Ranh
    KN Royal Golf Links Cam Ranh
    Cam RanhLinks golf course, a Greg Norman designed course - built on a masterfully crafted landscape covering a huge expanse of land measuring ....
  2. Black Mountain Golf Club
    Black Mountain Golf Club
    The opening of Black Mountain, the golf club back in 2007 is still vivid in the minds of many golfers but it is perhaps best remembered by ASIAN GOLF ....
  3. Warren Golf & Country Club
    Warren Golf & Country Club
    What you are about to read is dedicated to a mission to revitalise and give an old golf course a new life. Over the past 30 odd years, many golf courses were .....
  4. Els Club Desaru Coast
    Els Club Desaru Coast
    I remember being transported on the broad shoulders of one of my father’s porters as he and his friends trudged through the underbrush of the ....
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Asia's Best of The Best
   NEW DIRECTIONS – Time To Step It Up!
We are just two years away before we enter the third decade of the New Millennium and it is a moment to take stock of where we are as an industry and what we should aim for as we set our sights on the opportunities and challenges ahead.
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“Social Net Worth” and Its KPIs
Manager Sue’s Finance Committee at The High and Mighty Country Club is filled with Numbers Guys.  They want measurable metrics.  They want “the numbers” to work the way numbers work in The World of Widgets.  They’re bottom line thinkers.    
A special tribute digital edition featuring all of the winners in 2017 Asian Golf Awards.
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A rolling stone gathers no moss
It is an old proverb often interpreted as referring to symbolic nomads who avoid taking on responsibilities or advancing in their own knowledge, experience, or culture. Another interpretation equates "moss" as to "stagnation"; as such the proverb can also refer to those who keep moving and lacking for fresh ideas or creativity.
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