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Warren Golf and Country Club

Dragon’s Lair Is Open!

What you are about to read is dedicated to a mission to revitalise and give an old golf course a new life. Over the past 30 odd years, many golf courses were built throughout Southeast Asia and regrettably, over the years, a good number have fallen into neglect and have failed to endure the test of time. One of the major factors holding back any effort to rejuvenate these courses has been the funds required to renovate. Giving an old course a make-over is never going to be an easy undertaking but all is not lost. ​​​​ASIAN GOLF has come across a golf course that has earned a new and glorious lease in life by under-going extensive renovations without having to throw itself into debt.

The club in question is the Warren Golf and Country Club, always referred to as one of the smaller clubs in Singapore. It may be smaller in size relatively speaking but is certainly knows how to get a good job done in grand style without busting its bank account!

Warren has a history that exceeds half a century and it has occupied its current grounds in land-scarce Singapore since 2000. Like most courses that have seen fifteen or more good years, there was a need to give the entire golf course a make-over.

When a decision to renovate is taken, the ensuing challenge normally concerns the scope of the job and the size of the budget required to get the job done. This responsibility fell squarely on the broad shoulders of the renovations chairman and greens convenor, Bryan Ong who worked tirelessly with the club’s general manager, Jinder Aujla and his staff.

The final budget approved was US$2 million which is not a princely sum considering that the job at hand involved an 18-hole course that called for new tee-boxes, total re-build of greens and bunkers and the complete re-turfing of all the fairways. That’s a lot of work for a pretty tight budget but with careful planning and the effective management and utilisation of resources available, the renovation team took on the job and turned it around under budget and in record time. Work started on 6 June 2016 and was completed by 30 April 2017 and open for general play on May 1, 2017.

The greens were re-shaped, re-built and turfed with TifEagle, a Bermuda grass hybrid that was created to withstand a lot of abuse and maintain putting speeds in the 9 to 10 range on the Stimpmeter. The fairways were replanted with Zoysia and it must be noted that while professional builders undertook the building of the greens and the bunkers, the fairways were replanted by the club’s agronomy staff headed up by Raja Patchamutho.

Warren Golf and Country Club in Singapore has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that a great deal can be achieved with meticulous planning, careful implementation and teamwork. What Warren has done is an excellent template for golf courses in the region to emulate for any renovation exercise. Warren has also managed to prove that while budgets are needed, there is really no need for extravagant budgets that run into the millions.

To the team at Warren Golf and Country Club – you guys have done a sterling job with your renovation. The course looks terrific, the greens are beautiful and your bunkers are supreme. When ASIAN GOLF visited the course, there was a heavy downpour and hardly a grain of sand was washed away and there was no ponding. The bunkers, built in accordance to USGA specifications, were inspired by the Alister MacKenzie, the man who was the brains behind Augusta National in America.

The job’s done. The members are pleased. Now, may your population of dragons (iguanas, a long-time environmental feature of the club) grow – a true landmark of the course!    
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