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The prestigious and much sought after Asian Golf Awards programme is now enshrined in its own dedicated web site. This virtual museum in cyberspace is devoted to recognising and honouring the best in the Asia Pacific Golf industry – men and women and clubs that collectively help deliver a world class experience for golf! It is widely regarded as the “Oscars” of the Asian golf club industry. The programme has just finished its 20th year and winners in over 47 award categories were recognized during the staging of the Asian Golf Awards in DLF Golf & Country Club, Gurugram, India. 

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NEW DIRECTIONS – Time To Step It Up!

We are just two years away before we enter the third decade of the New Millennium and it is a moment to take stock of where we are as an industry and what we should aim for as we set our sights on the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Asia today has about 4,700 active golf courses and it is a mix of old establishments, ultra-modern designer courses and weather-beaten goat yards. It’s a pity that in this day and age, we can’t even get the number of golf courses in existence in Asia mapped correctly. This is a sad state of affairs for any industry to be in – a state where there is virtually no universal statistics available upon which to plan and act on. This has to all change because the model that the majority of golf clubs in Asia operate on is one that is totally dependent on rounds played and the revenue generated. This has to change!

The time has come where those of us who are engaged in the golf club industry have to come together and chart our future destinies. We no longer can afford to fly by the seat of our pants because today’s business environment will not tolerate nothing less than a very robust business model. No longer can we continue to rely on the time-tested business practices of decades gone by.

We need to seek NEW DIRECTIONS as it relates to how we position our products and services; how we reach new audiences; how we engage with younger demographics; how we attract women to golf; how we re-package golf into a more affordable, fun-filled and a less stuffy game.

Golf Clubs also need to seriously explore new technologies and bring these technologies on board post-haste. The world has gone digital and virtually everything in life today is driven by Apps on smartphones.

Just imagine the speed and efficiency and cost savings that are waiting to be had by going digital. In one fell swoop, you will rid your club of cumbersome procedures from a bygone era. Going digital and re-energizing the way you run your club is not something that you can afford to wait. The new age is here and it is yelling out to you to get on track and push forward a dynamic business model that will transform your business into a vibrant operation that is in lock-step with today’s fast-paced world that seeks instant gratification!

The 2017 Asia Pacific Golf Summit has been programmed to help interested parties understand how best they can weather the seismic changes affecting our industry and how they can effectively harness and engage with new ways to grow their respective businesses going forward.

Remember, the destiny of our industry is in our hands. Unless we resolve to come together and jointly create changes that will appeal to our constantly changing marketplace, very little can be done to help accelerate any growth.

We urge all of you to walk down the right path to make golf in Asia truly vibrant, exciting and financially viable. NEW DIRECTIONS – The Way Forward!

Here’s to a product APGS 2017!

Mike Sebastian