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Featured News 3:

Asian Golf Trends and Profiles Survey

As you may already be aware, the Asia Pacific Golf Group (APGG), working in conjunction with the Club Managers Association of Asia (CMA-Asia) has embarked on an ambitious programme to map the Asian golf market in an effort to measure demographic trends and lifestyle indicators so as to get a benchmark reading on the health of golf. This has never been done before.
In this regard, we have appealed to you for your assistance to invite your club's members to participate in the first ever survey of its kind to be conducted in Asia and we sincerely hope that you had kindly accord your co-operation to provide the golf industry with vital data that is required so that we can have a better understanding of the marketplace and help grow the game in Asia going forward.
We invited you to help send out the Survey link to your members. In doing so, your club and members will be part of a very important initiative to keep golf healthy and progressive in Asia.  
Notice: The Survey exercise has Ended.